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Women's Cross Clothing

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Female cross apparel is the answer of big brands of motorcycle cross apparel to the market demand.


Till some time ago, ladies were forced to wear completely mismatched clothing, tailored to fit a man's figure. Today, the most popular brands of cross and enduro clothing such as Fox, Leatt, Shot offer women's cross clothing. 

Women's cross pants and women's cross sweatshirts are tailored to a woman's figure, and have been sewn with a waistline in mind, so they don't look baggy. In addition, smaller sizes of women's cross pants and sweatshirts have been introduced, which have also been tailored to fit women's figures.

This allows you to purchase sweatshirts, pants and gloves that are tailored to fit your figure and won't pinch, pinch or look like a bag.

The Fox brand also offers women's cross shoes in feminine colors and smaller sizes. 

Major brands such as Fox, Leatt, Shot and Alpinestars have also designed a series of women's helmets for cross in modern colors.

The Fox brand has also prepared women's armor, chest protectors and other protectors, which allow for a better fit to the body shape and thus protect much better.

Now all you have to do is decide which women's cross apparel you are interested in, choose a color and enjoy a very good fit.