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Do you already know what it feels like to snag a branch, protruding trunk or tree? Or have you already learned what it feels like after a close encounter with the ground and rocks? Gravity can sometimes be merciless. 

This is why it is so important for you to take care of your safety. Nowadays there are many companies on the market offering cross protectors. Cross protectors and enduro protectors, as a rule, are universal and will suit both cross riding, motocross or enduro expeditions. 

Basic cross protectors are, going from the top:

  • neck protectors and neck stabilizers, which protect against spinal injuries
  • .
  • thoracic chest protectors, mace and armor, and spinal protectors in the form of a turtle protector
  • .
  • elbow protectors and detachable shoulder protectors, which can be purchased together with armor
  • .
  • tailbone protectors and shorts with soft hip protectors
  • .
  • knee protectors, cross knee pads, knee stabilizers and orthoses for cross and enduro
  • .

Additionally, leading companies such as Leatt and Fox have released a series of protectors called stabilizers to help after unfortunate accidents during recovery. You'll find shoulder stabilizers, elbow stabilizers and wrist stabilizers.

All of these enduro protectors are designed to increase your safety while riding a motorcycle. 

We also offer women's protectors tailored to the female figure and small junior protectors. 

Specially popular are junior knee protectors and junior elbow protectors.

Women's protectors are especially popular.

We distinguish between protectors and knee pads made in hard plastic and such protectors and knee pads that are made with modern D30 technology, which is characterized by a better fit to the shape of the body and less restriction of the range of motion.

We offer a wide range of protectors and knee pads.

In our offer you will find knee pads, knee protectors, buffs, armor, orthoses for adults, women and children (so-called junior) of renowned brands such as Fox, Leatt, Acerbis, Shot, Ufo, POD, Polisport, Kenny.