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2 Stroke Oil

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2T oil is essential for the proper operation of a two-stroke engine. It is the need for mix oil that is the main difference in the use of 2T and 4T motorcycles. Whether a two-stroke has TPI fuel injection, a 2t oil dispenser, or requires a classic mixture you must use fuel oil in it. The simple design of the two-stroke engine means that these units do not have an elaborate pressurized lubrication system, in which the oil pump generates the appropriate pressure and, distributing the lube along the buses, lubricates the head components, piston and connecting rod. In a 2T engine, lubrication of the crank-piston system is precisely done by 2T blend oil.

2T mixture oil ensures proper engine lubrication


To understand the necessity of fuel oil, it is necessary to delve into the principles of operation and design of a two-stroke engine. 

Unlike a four-stroke engine, whose crankcase is closed except for the ventilation system, a two-stroke engine uses the crankcase as part of the intake path and therefore uses fuel mixture oil to distribute it around the engine for lubrication. When the proper amount of oil is added to gasoline, a so-called premix is created. 2T oil is eventually burned along with the gasoline, this behavior is called total loss engine lubrication. The biggest disadvantage of burning 2T oil is the increased emission of air pollutants.

Is two-stroke oil the same as four-stroke oil?


The base for the production of fuel oil can be petroleum, castor oil, semi-synthetic or synthetic base. As 2t oil is burned during the operation of the engine, it is necessary to constantly improve the quality to reduce harmful emissions and their impact on the environment. At the same time, modern engines in motorcycles are becoming more and more efficient and also need better lubrication for proper operation under heavy load. This is why synthetic and 100% synthetic oils for 2T are the most common these days. It is easy to notice that oils for 2 stroke do not have viscosity markings (10W40, 10W50, etc.) this is due to the fact that they do not have to meet the standards for four-stroke engines and are not tested for viscosity during cold and warm start-up.

How to dose oil into the fuel mixture?


The ratio at which oil is most often added to the fuel mixture is 1:50, giving 100 ml of oil per 5 liters of gasoline. However, the range goes from 1:16 even up to 1:100. To correctly dose 2t oil to gasoline it is necessary to read the motorcycle manual. An improper mixture ratio can cause total destruction of the engine. In the instructions, the motorcycle manufacturer also tells whether the oil should be added to gasoline or poured into a special tank, from which the lubrication system will draw the appropriate amount of oil into the 2T dispenser. 

Also note that not every two-truck oil can be used in motorcycles with a dispenser or fuel injection. If your motorcycle is equipped with a dispenser or TPI fuel injection you should choose special 2T oils, which you can find here.

What kind of oil for 2T mixture?


First of all, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and the required standards. However, choosing top-of-the-line oils such as Motul 800, Ipone Samourai 2T, Castrol Power 1 Racing you are assured that they meet all the necessary standards and norms. When looking for the right oil, however, it is worth choosing the right one because choosing a better lube than necessary will simply be expensive. Considering the cost, it is worth considering a larger package of 2T 5L oil

On the other hand, the use of too low-quality 2T cross oil can result in improper lubrication of the desiccated engine and, consequently, its serious failure.